Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Friday 7th May 2010

Ok I know it's nothing to do with jewellery making but I need to say this outloud (so to speak) as it's rather amazing/frustrating/silly....

I've got outside my door my yard/garden (what's left of it). In it I keep three chickens, three ducks, a rabbit and two guinea pigs. Now the ducks have free range except for a bit that's fenced off with what is left of my flowers in. The chickens have a large 8 foot by 6 foot run along with a similar sized shed to themselves.

Today though one of the chickens, 'Ginge' decided to break out via the duck door in the shed. This duck door has been there for months and the chickens haven't ever bothered with it until today when Ginge found it and invaded the garden. I found her and put her back in the run as I had to go out and do my radio show. I put the screen in front of the door to stop her getting back out before I went though.

When I got back from doing my radio show they were all out! The ducks must have pecked at the screen and let them out. As my two other ducks (Posh the white one and Scary the black one) are pretty thick I'm assuming Ginge (the ginger one - yep named after the spice girls lol) must have shown them the way out! How cheeky!

Anyhow, luckily I got them all back in before they ate my flowers or laid eggs in with the guinea pigs!

I'll post a photo later!


Friday, 30 April 2010

My Blog Premier

Well hello and welcome to the premier of my blogging career, I've been told that it's the way to go, so I'm going...

I started to build my website to sell my jewellery, a simple idea but it seems to have snowballed into a mind numbing circle of checking keywords, gaining traffic and make more content on more pages... what happened to just selling a few pairs of earrings?

It seems that these days you can't just write what's in your head and hope people like it. You have to make sure certain words are in certain places for a certain number of times so I thought I'd write a blog where I could do what I wanted, write what I wanted and hopefully gain a few readers!

So this blog isn't to sell my little bits of precious jewellery, I'm kind of attached to them anyway - each of my carefully-nurtured-and-cajoled-into-being earrings is like a child to me so maybe I won't sell them at all, maybe I'll just get addicted to making webpages and blogs. I can fill my walls with my earrings - at least I won't have to decorate in the near future.

In fact writing that last paragraph has liberated me, I am now a blogger, not a salesperson. I don't have to worry about describing my children.. er .. earrings and putting a paltry price on them so they sell, I don't have to worry about keywords and metatags (not that I did anyway). I can make a heading that doesn't include the keyword and say to hell with it all.. I'm a blogger!

Tomorrow I'm going to stay with a friend overnight so it will be Sunday before I can blog again, I'll be stuck in a caravan overnight and it's going to be cold so I'm sure I'll have something to talk about!

See you then!

Blogger x